2 brews, one day, cramped basement kitchen.

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2 brews, one day, cramped basement kitchen.

Post  ryanjilek on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:45 pm

Well Saturday was a very productive brew day. Strike water treated and brought to temp overnight in my electric boiler, grains crushed and in mash tun, yeast starter going strong, coffee on and alarm set.

Beer #1: ND Brewers Collaborative Alt.

This beer went well overall but my efficiency suffered from mash temp fiasco. I've really gotten lazy with recirculated mash temp control and my infusions were not very accurate. I thought it might have fully converted but didn't have any iodine to test and I probably needed a little more time. OG ended up at 1.044 and is currently fermenting away nicely. Fermentation actually started within about 2 hours of pitching the 1007.

Beer #2: Brewhaus Pale Ale

This was a pretty basic pale ale recipe of mine. The only difference from previous renditions of this beer was I substituted Simcoe in for bittering with Perle and Cascade in my late additions. This one I moved onto my stove so I could do a recirculated mash and ended up with almost 80% efficiency. I stretched it a bit and just about filled a 6.5 gallon fermenter of 1.056. This one obviously need blowoff (see pict) as there was not a lot of room in there. I used Denny Conn yeast and it is very actively fermenting. I actually over cooled with my Therminator because I had a valve choked off too far and ended up at 52 degrees in the fermenter. I added the heater to it and warmed it back to 68 degrees where it is happily sitting now.

So all in all a good day of brewing. Dusting some rust off the brain with my infusions but overall I'm happy with the days beer in the fermenters.

Yeast Starter (Denny Conn Yeast)

Alt sparge going... control panel for single tier sitting on the workmate.

Alt going in the boil kettle.

mmmmm... breakfast!

6 gallons of Pale Ale (kinda looks darker than it should there)

Mmmmm... Lunch!
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