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Post  Paul on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:58 pm

My wife and I stopped into Laughing Sun Brewery last week for a couple of pints. Very nice set up and congratulations to Mike for embarking on this venture. Seating was sufficient but not extensive. Nice bar seating with many tables and chairs throughout. Bathrooms were clean and bright. Very friendly and inviting atmosphere, and wait staff Ben and Joe were most enjoyable. Ben gave us a tour of the brewery, which looks adequate for supplying a steady flow of brew! We sampled the pale ale, IPA, porter, strawberry wheat and rye stout. Pale ale as expected, but I favored a pint of the IPA instead. Very nice aroma and good flavor. Enjoyed a pint of the Rye stout which was excellent! The porter seemed to be lacking the body and fullness I was expecting, but nice aroma and flavor. The strawberry wheat had good aroma of strawberry, but somewhat medicinal in it's taste. One keg was better than the other. Maybe from the extract and not like the fresh strawberries that were used in the keg we drank at the summer camp-out. We did not sample the pizza, which is made next door. Great to see this type of establishment in our area! Will stop again.
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Laughing Sun

Post  Jon on Fri May 11, 2012 7:38 pm

Story about Laughing Sun brewery to open in Bismarck.
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