a few to choose from

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a few to choose from

Post  dkwandt on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:25 pm

well i am willing to swap some brews. i will try anything.

i offer the following up up 4 of each

a Scout's Robust Vanilla Porter, i am very bias, but this thing rocks (jeff may agree), it has a great malt character, and aroma. the hops are not over powering, or over powered. and there is just a nice compliment of vanilla in the aroama, and taste.

an octoberfest, this one is very good i would still tweek it a bit, but it has a great balance of malt and hops, and the munic stands out in the aroma.

Hunter's Amber this is my most popular beer good balance of hops and malt easy drinking, coverts a lot of folks to craft beers!

the following i can only share 1 each

Strawberry Blonde - great strawberry aroma, and finish

Belgian Wit - i really enjoy this, orange and corriander are present with out taking over, yeast really compliments, i have few left

Brandy's Brown - only a few left but got the hops coming for this special american brown ale
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