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Post  randi philleo on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:02 pm

I wanted to find a way to allow people to easily create a brew list of what they had either fermenting or available to drink. This feature is now enabled under your profile.

Go to your profile and click on 'Brew List' (the second to last link on the top). You'll have to generate the Character Sheet the first time. After that you can add one photo of your brew, whats in primary, secondary, and what you have to drink right now. The other feature, is the "Next Brew" field. In order to have your brew list display under your profile picture (like mine is), you have to have something in this field. Even if it's "N/A" or "Undecided" or "You tell me" it doesn't matter as long as there's something there to make it display.

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