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Heretic Brewing

Post  randi philleo on Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:18 pm

I know this isn't new news, but I know a lot of folks are big fans of Jamil. I too enjoyed his "Brewing Classic Styles". He was probably one of the last people I'd peg to start a brewery. Even he said "I've always said I didn't want to set up a [commercial] brewery, because they're very expensive, and it's a lot of hard work." But if any homebrewer can do it, I'd say he's got the best chance. Jamil's been brewing for over a decade. This brewery business probably wouldn't have even happened had the offer not been too good to be true. He's actually splitting the brew equipment with E.J. Phair Brewing Company. Regarding the offer Jamil said "When you see an opportunity like that, you have to take it, otherwise you'll be kicking yourself for the rest of your life."

Read the Article: Meet Heretic, The Bay's Newest Brewery

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