August Club-Only Competition - Mead in Fargo

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August Club-Only Competition - Mead in Fargo

Post  Dean Gundberg on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:59 pm

One of the benefits of being an AHA certified homebrewing club is that the club can enter beers in the Club-Only Competitions where each club can send in their best example of the styles covered in the competition to be judged against the best of all the other clubs.

The Prairie Homebrewing Companions usually get a beer sent in and have won and placed in several of them. We have even hosted some of the competitions with beers from clubs all over the country showing up in Fargo for judging.

This August, the Club-Only comes back to Fargo and the best Meads from all over will be showing up.

I'm giving this warning now so you can get a mead brewed and if you follow the process in The Compleat Meadmaker book by Ken Schramm, it will be ready by then.

In addition, with all that mead in Fargo, we will need some help judging them all. I'll let you know when as it should be a good excuse for a road trip.
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