Testing out my new malt smoker

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Re: Testing out my new malt smoker

Post  dkwandt on Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:35 pm

no experience but very interested in your results. please keep us posted.
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Testing out my new malt smoker

Post  ryanjilek on Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:39 pm

I built a new smoker as I didn't want to take on the project of smoking 80 lbs of venison country style sausage in my little Brinkmann smoker 10 lbs at a time. So what I came up with was something pretty straight forward. A vertical smoker heated by either gas or charcoal and capable of either hanging or loading it with racks of goodies to be smoked. This was basically the test run of the smoker and I need to clean it up a bit and build some new doors. I also want to dress up the outside as well. Since I make cheese as well I want to construct a smaller box that I can vent the smoke from this smoker to allowing me to 'cold' smoke my cheese, brewing malt or other goodies that do not like the heat.

I will also give it a go at drying hops with just a box fan mounted to the bottom. I will be very curious to see if any of the smoke residue will flavor the hops as they dry.

If anyone has any experience, suggestions or opinions I would be very interested in hearing them. I'm guessing this will definitely be a work in progress for a while.


Venison Country Style Sausage drying before smoking.

Country Style Sausage out of the smoker and cooling.

Summer Sausage put in the smoker and getting ready for a 4 hour smoke.
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